Outcome centred projects

improving skills, knowledge and wellbeing for differently abled people

What is Skills Up?

Our Company

Skills Up is a new company that has young people with disabilities at its heart. We offer supportive and challenging activities and experiences to increase independence and stimulate minds. Being qualified teachers and having first-hand experience of caring for, and supporting people with disabilities, we are confident that we can improve options for our users.

Our Activities

Activities and sessions we offer will vary in focus but are all matched to shared plans and individual needs and wants. We ensure skills and knowledge related to aspects of employment, independent living, community inclusion and health, are considered and included.

Our Commitment

As part of Skills Up, we believe everybody deserves the opportunity to be the best that they can be. We are committed to providing the greatest experience for users that we are able to and feel we possess the necessary skills and diligence to make a difference to this group, their families and the community. We understand the importance of having confidence and trust in support providers and we hope to demonstrate that we can gain yours.



We will keep minds active and alert, motivating clients to think and solve problems for themselves.

Social Skills

We will support essential everyday skills, offering cumulative development to increase independence socially.

Mini Enterprise

We work towards fundamental competences that can be used in employment or independent living through a variety of role-based enterprise tasks.

Aspirational Projects

We share our clients' high expectations and will help raise aspirations by increasing confidence, developing skill-sets and providing new opportunities. 

Shared and Personalised Plans

We will assist clients in meeting targets set by themselves, their families and those close to them.


We provide activities with differentiated educational points of focus to increase enjoyment of learning. This will also challenge and equip our clients with skills and knowledge to apply in new contexts.

Work with Skills Up

In addition to working with individuals or groups, we offer sessional support too. If you have a project or activity we can assist with, get in touch! Whether it is delivering sessions on a theme or creative presentation of an aspect, we are confident we can meet your needs and add real value.